Hello, I'm Will Long and I like to write code. Growing up I was always interested in various forms of technology such as audio and video and soon after found myself in front of a computer learning to write programs. My curiosity got me through school and into various sectors within the IT industry such as networking, telephony, and support operations which eventually led me back to my true passion--coding.

What I do professionally is even cooler than just writing code because I get to analyze projects with real world needs and develop solutions to meet those needs. As a Drupal developer this means not only writing PHP and JavaScript but also learning about and leveraging existing technology to achieve a project's goals.

There are many fantastic aspects to Drupal development and I'm particularly interested in the following.

  • Developing custom functionality
  • Extending existing functionality
  • Features and code-based deployment
  • Git version control system
  • Site building and infrastructure
  • Content strategy
  • Data migration
  • Third-party systems integration

Over time I'll likely have input on many of these and more so keep stopping by to look for new things. Or if you're really fancy subscribe to the RSS feed. Please feel free to leave comments or to contact me via the Contact page. Have a great day!