Using Features to manage configuration for a Drupal project is a bit of an undertaking. Features was initially intended to make portable units of functionality to share between sites, but many folks out there are using it to manage configuration and deployments. This works, but is a bit of a burden to to manage and takes a bit of expertise to execute in the wild.


Configuration management is hard, but we do the best we can. Features is great for sharing chunks of functionality between sites but can become a bear when trying to wrangle it into a full-fledged configuration management solution. However, a thoughtfully-crafted Features architecture can alleviate much of the difficulty.


An part of operating a Drupal site is to keep the site's code up to date. Updates to Drupal core and contributed modules provide enhancements to functionality as well as critical fixes to security vulnerabilities. Here's a rundown of the process I just used to update this site.